Online Counselling

This system is being updated and is therefore currently unavailable.

Online counselling is provided via email or Skype. If you choose to work using Skype you can either use instant messaging (IM) or video messaging. Some clients use a mixture of face-to-face and online and others use Skype and emails. You can discuss the options with your online counsellor and change your mind if you find a particular method doesn’t suit you.

Is online counselling for me?

Online counselling might be suitable for you if you have difficulty in attending face-to-face appointments for the following reasons:

  • travel or timetable restraints
  • family, work or other commitments
  • disability or illness that restricts access to the face-to-face service
  • being on placement during office hours
  • it would be too stressful, embarrassing or too anxiety-provoking

Online counselling is open to enrolled students of the University of South Wales but not if you are resident outside of the UK.

If online counselling is performed through Instant Messaging, then it is vital that you are comfortable and competent in typing your communication clearly.

NB – Online counselling is not the most appropriate medium for everyone. If you believe that there is a serious risk of severely harming yourself or others, feel actively suicidal, have a history of severe mental health concerns, or if drugs or alcohol are your main issues then we would advise you on what the most suitable source of support might be. This advice could be to access our face-to-face service, to contact your GP or to contact the Samaritans.

Booking, registration and assessment

We are sorry there is no online counselling available at present. If you need counselling, please book a face to face appointment.

If you wish to speak to someone outside regular times see Urgent Help page.

You will be sent an Online Counselling Evaluation Questionnaire at the end of your therapy to ask for your feedback on how we could improve our service.