What is the Counselling Service?

Counselling is an impartial, confidential and non-judgmental service which allows all current students to access professionally trained counsellors for mental health support. You can only access the Counselling Service through a Wellbeing Advice Appointment. 

This appointment will help determine whether counselling is the best service for your needs; or whether our Mental Health Service is more appropriate. Counselling is often best suited to those whose circumstances have affected their mental health prior to starting university such as an ongoing diagnosis of depression, borderline personality disorder, or a more historic trauma. 

If you think that counselling is right for you, or would like to learn more about the service, book a Wellbeing Advice Appointment to discuss this. 

If you are worried about a fellow student or are in need of urgent intervention yourself, you can report a concern to the Wellbeing Service via the Mental Health Welfare Concern Form.